Emel Öztürk

Lecturer · Department of Economics · Tilburg University

Equality of opportunity
Fair division
Cooperative game theory, in particular applications to environmental problems
Dynamics of discrimination


1. Laissez-faire versus Pareto, 2022 (with K. Bosmans )
Social Choice and Welfare

2. Equality and responsibility: ex ante and ex post redistribution mechanisms, 2021 (with K. Bosmans)
Economic Theory

3. Measurement of equality of opportunity: A normative approach, 2021 (with K. Bosmans)
Journal of Economic Inequality

4. Fair social orderings for the sharing of international rivers: A leximin based approach, 2020
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management

5. Consistency of scoring rules: A reinvestigation of composition-consistency, 2020
International Journal of Game Theory

6. An axiomatic approach to the measurement of envy, 2018 (with K. Bosmans)
Social Choice and Welfare

Ongoing Research

1. Characterization and implementation of an egalitarian solution for the sharing of international rivers [Ongoing]

2. Failure to compensate or failure to reward? A decomposition of inequality of opportunity, 2019 (with K. Bosmans & B. Dormans)[Under review]
Abstract We decompose inequality of opportunity measures into compensation and reward components. The former component measures the unfair inequality due to circumstances and the latter component measures the deviation from the fair inequality stemming from the exercise of responsibility. We then apply a selection of these measures, and their associated decomposition, to data covering ten European countries.